About Us


B人BEL’s main goal is to create a more inclusive and equal society, in which all people are respected as people, and everyone can have a life of opportunities and dignity. We want everyone to see the humanity in all people, regardless of their identity, ethnicity, gender, special needs, sexual orientation, or background.

People, are thus at the center of our organization.


In order to create a society in which everyone can fully develop their potentials, in which people don’t face discrimination based on their backgrounds, believes, or lifestyle, in which everyone can live a complete life – in order to create such a society, we need a change of mindset. Because discrimination is inside of us; both as art of our nature, and as part of our cultures. But there’s something more important inside all of us, something that doesn’t divide, but connects us all: we are all humans.

Instead of focusing on symptoms, we focus on the cause of social issues. Our main battle is the battle of rehumanization, which essentially is to change people’s minds. If you want to read more about rehumanization and what you can do in this article.

What does BBEL do?

In order to really change our societies, every education program should be inclusive, and every media outlet should show diversity without falling into stereotypes. Our education programs and inclusive media are the first steps towards a rehumanized society.

We offer education programs to students from different ages and different background. All programs focus on self-understanding, expression, empowerment, and inclusion.

You can find more information about our education programs here.

In order to create more equality globally, it is important to connect people and create mutual understanding. Therefore, we bring visibility to different people and lives through stories, articles, videos, podcasts, and art.

Read people’s stories here.


The tower of Babel is a myth about people who built a tower to heaven which falls down, because the people are unable to speak the same language. B人BEL brings people together to communicate, because we build a better society through communication and mutual understanding. And we are not building a tower, we are building a pyramid, because pyramids don’t fall.

B人BEL focuses on people. We have a global goal, but our organization is based in Shanghai, China. That’s why, we use the Chinese character for ‘person’ (人), instead of an A, when we write B人BEL.



B人BEL is a mostly volunteer-run organization, and we are always looking for people with different skills to help us develop. We are based in Shanghai, China, but the internet allows us to work together with people from all over the planet. If you want to volunteer, share your story, or contribute, please don’t hesitate to contact us at build@pyramidofbabel.org