More than 300 days of… B人BEL

In 2017 we gathered a group of friends and started planning a one-day event to bring visibility to and discuss urban poverty. With the focus on urban poverty, we  encouraged people to explore new skills and ideas. Pyramid Impact Collective came to life through B人BEL and UpBeing, and it offered Shanghai one day of workshops, screenings, talks, and discussion centered on urban poverty and ways to tackle it.

The event was very successful, but it didn’t feel like it was enough. In January 2018, we started publishing regular stories about different people, and in April we created B人BEL Series, a series of articles, videos, events, that focuses on one topic related to a social issue – the aim is to deconstruct its own categorization and promote understanding of the diversity of human beings instead. So far, B人BEL Series published WomenUnlimited, Arts for People, and Dis-Labeled. Our next series will start in February 2019 and it will bring visibility to Migrants (reach out if you want to participate).

During this time, we organized a few community events, such as collecting clothes to give to homeless people, a Deaf Film Screening, a Drawing Catharsis Workshop (by Shaving in the Dark), a Fauvist Painting Workshop on Social Alienation, and a screening & discussion of B人BEL short documentaries WomenUnlimited, and more recently, Dis-Labeled.

When B人BEL started, we wanted to bring people together to understand different issues and support projects tackling these issues.

However, in the beginning of 2018, we came to one of the most important turning points: why don’t we act on these issues as well?

In March 2018, B人BEL’s Education Program, The WE in Power, was born and implemented in one of Shanghai’s migrant schools. Since then, we go to this school every week, to deliver a program that focuses on self-confidence, communication, trust, and community building. This program was also used in a Summer Camp in rural China.

Our second Education program, the Inclusion Program, was born shortly after. It brings young students from distinct backgrounds together in order to build more inclusive spaces.

We are also starting a Sign Languages program. Sign Languages are very diverse and sophisticated languages that provide real inclusion for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired. We are currently holding small workshops, and a full course will start after Chinese New Year.

Do you want to support or get involved with our Education programs? Contact us at

In the summer of 2018 we were very happy to present CRITICA Festival.

During four days, we organized master classes, film screenings, an exhibition called “People”, and an auction. CRITICA Festival inspires artists to use their work to have a positive social impact, and to make art lovers aware of this impact that art can have.

The proceeds of CRITICA Festival are currently being used to sponsor The WE in Power program in the migrant school.

We loved CRITICA and we are very excited to bring it back in May 2019!

In order to promote understanding and inclusion in different spaces, B人BEL is also collaborating with different corporates. Contact us if you’re interested in knowing more about this.

Actually, contact us if you would like to know more about anything we do and would like to get involved!

If we want to promote social inclusion, we have to start with the eradication of the biggest barrier and liberating the strongest key: our own minds.


B人BEL Magazine portrays people, free from prejudice or assumptions. 

In this magazine, we challenge you to go beyond — or deep inside — yourself, and marvel at the immensity and beauty of human beings. 

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We are deeply thankful to everyone who supported us. This is an exciting but arduous journey, and the support of everyone who got involved has been among the most meaningful gifts we got from doing B人BEL.