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By Maria AB

A while ago, I watched Wim Wenders’ “The Salt of the Earth”, a documentary that depicts the life and work of Sebastiao Salgado, a photographer that has spent 40 years documenting life in its extremes all over the world.

In the beginning, Wim Wenders introduces the photographer and what has touched me the most about his work, which is the fact that he really seems to care about people. And why is it important to care about people? Because, as Wim Wenders concludes, “people are the salt of the earth”.

I watched the film until the end, I saw Sebastiao Salgado letting himself get torn apart and re-healed by humans and life, and then I rewatched this first part again.

I’m not sure people are the salt of the earth; it is arrogant to assume people are the main condiment of the world, and the earth doesn’t need us to keep rotating. 

However, I do know that people are the salt of my life; when it comes to Pyramid of Babel, people are the center and salt of what we are, and what we do.

Here is a challenge: think about how much space every little thing inside you takes; think about the importance of the impossible measure of every feeling, thought, fear, and dream you have ever had. Now multiply it by billions, and that’s how much human life is worth.

On our first anniversary, we write this article to us, people.

People as small grains of salt flavoring and de-flavoring the world, often unaware that one grain is as small and as big as any other grain, and that the combination of some of these grains can bring out the best and the worst that there can ever be.

There hasn’t been any other creature that has been able to shape and deform, to destroy and construct, to transform and to impact the world as much as people have.

Everything we do, or don’t do, has an impact; the way we group and make collective decisions shapes the world; the way we look at and live with the other transforms it.

The world will keep on rotating, and life will be going somewhere. We can passively watch it and allow our actions to have an impact that we’re not aware of, or we can positively interfere and make sure that every being can become.

One of the aspects that fascinate me the most about people is our ability to become. Our ability to transform ourselves and to build ourselves in the direction we decide is amazing.

If you are reading this, then you had the opportunity to receive education, you’re fluent in at least one of the biggest languages in the world, you have access to the internet and endless information, you own a device that allows you immediate communication with people all over the world.

There are big chances that you are part of a group of people that do have a choice.

What are you going to do?