Education is the basis for creating a more inclusive and equal society. In order to ensure both equity and inclusion, we offer different education programs to different students. Our education programs focus on awareness for students of people who live different lives from them, and on the empowerment of vulnerable groups.


Media is a powerful tool to shape societies. Where this tool used to be in the hands of a few people, not it is in the hands of many. In this innovative education program students learn how media shapes opinions and how media can be used to promote social inclusion. They will also create their own media which brings visibility to marginalized people.

Inclusion program

Our Inclusion Program brings students of international schools in contact with people from different realities, for instance, we bring the students in contact with people with special needs. We aim to show the diversity, complexity, and fullness of every human being.

THE We In Power Program

In this program we focus on communication, expression, self-confidence, trust, and empowerment through different sorts of arts. We are conducting The WE in Power in ‘migrant schools’ in Shanghai, the students of this school can often not attend regular education, because their parents lack a permit to live in the city. The education they usually receive is very basic. B人BEL aims to educate these children, not to teach them a subject, but to develop themselves as people.

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