In June we cooperated with Nord Anglia Chinese International School for the school’s annual ‘Enrichment Week,’ a week in which all students learn and engage with a topic outside of their regular curriculum. For this year’s Enrichment Week, the topic was identity.

During the Enrichment Week, students and teachers conducted several creative activities in which they explored each other’s identities. But the week didn’t stop there. We invited Celine Chen, a Deaf actress and filmmaker, to share her experiences and introduce Sign Language and Deaf culture to the students; blind RP-I founder Alex Wang to raise awareness for the blind and visually impaired community; Dajong, a documentary filmmaker who lives with Tourette’s Syndrome and encouraged students to understand and embrace imperfection; and Sam Zheng the founder of Shanghai International Deaf Film Festival to guide two groups of students in the creation of two Deaf films.

Students created different objects related to the identity of themselves or others, and after a full week of activities and interactions these were exhibited in a physical labyrinth called the Identity Maze. All students, parents, and teachers were invited to explore the diverse realm of identity inside the maze, and to watch the two inclusive movies the students created with the guidance of the Deaf filmmakers. The week thus resulted in a beautiful and diverse exhibition and screening which was met with positive feedback and which one of the parents described as ‘excellent.’