magazine issue 2

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Shanghai: Inspiration Store

No. 1088 Yuyuan road, building 39


Shanghai: Mil Gotas

Anfu Road 198-208


Kunming: Elephant Books

Wenhuayuan 6, Wenhuaxiang 4-6, Wuhua


Beijing: Mil Gotas

A1 Gong Ti Nan Road, Chaoyang District



Chongqing: Mil Gotas

Zombie Books

RCA Block D

21/118 Soi Soonvijai

Rama 9 Rd., Bangkok


Passport Bookstore

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Boworn Niwet Subdistrict

Phra Nakhon District.,


Distopia Livraria

Rua de São Bento, 394

1200-822 Lisbon


Livraria Ferin

72 Rua Nova do Almada

Lisbon, 1249-098

BABEL Magazine issue #2


to live; to grow

issue #2

Stories of people in China who continue to grow, despite difficulties and struggles.

This edition features the stories from people from ethnic minorities, people from the LGBTI+ community, people with disabilities, and others who tend to be discriminated against.

[shēng] tells these stories in written word, photography, illustrations, and poetry.

About BABEL Magazine

BABEL Magazine is a bilingual publication that showcases the lives of people in China through written stories, interviews, photography, illustration, and poetry, highlighting the stories of groups and individuals neglected by mainstream media.

It brings visibility to marginalized communities,
combats prejudice, and fosters understanding of different realities.

Personal stories have the immense power to make people listen, see, and most importantly, to make people connect.

We believe that this connection through stories combats prejudice and dehumanization, and encourages people to be more open to understand difference rather than judging it.