After receiving amazing submissions for B人BEL Magazine’s first issue titled “人”, we are now open for submissions for the second issue!

B人BEL Magazine showcases the lives of people in China. We give preference to the stories of people we don’t often get to know about, and who are not often represented (or misrepresented) on mainstream media.

Please read the submission requirements below carefully before submitting.

Submissions should be emailed to: with subject ‘Magazine submission’

Deadline for submission:

August 31 2019, 23:59 Beijing Time


If you have any questions, please contact us at


• All submissions must be about PEOPLE in CHINA

• All submissions must be nonfiction

• All submissions must be original work

• All submissions must be previously unpublished

• If you write/photograph/illustrate someone other than yourself, please make sure this person knows they have a chance of being published in a magazine.

• In your email, please specify the location (town/province) where the story takes place or where the photographs were taken.


For written works:

• All written works must be submitted in English or Mandarin

• For written works: max 5000 words / 7000 characters


For photography:

• Minimum 240ppi


We are open to submissions to other art works which can be printed

Please note: not all submissions will be published. You will receive final notice about the publication of your submission within two weeks after the submission deadline.

If your submission is chosen: Your written works will be translated in Chinese/English and edited before publication. We will communicate about this with you before publishing. Your submissions will not be used for anything else besides this issue of the magazine and promotion for this issue of the magazine. You will be credited with your name and contact info / website in the back of the magazine. After publication, we will send you a copy of the magazine.


B人BEL Magazine aims to create understanding by giving visibility to (marginalized) people through stories and images. The first edition of B人BEL Magazine is titled “人” and focuses on people living in China. Free delivery in Europe and North America!


If you would like to order B人BEL Magazine within China, please contact us at