More than Migrants

There is more to migrants than moving to a place, there is more to migrants than finding opportunities; there is what is left behind, and there is all that it takes to search for and build a better life in a strange place that often treats you as the stranger. And there is more to migrants than the struggle as well. In every migrant, we can anticipate common stories, but in every migrants there is a unique experience that belongs to a unique individual.

There is always more than a migrant.

More Than Migrants: Closing of the Series
We have come to the closing of our first More Than Migrants Series. All the Series we have been publishing
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My Dream Is…
Every week since April 2018, B人BEL delivers a program in a migrant school in Shanghai, which focuses on arts for
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Subtle Happiness
By 王竹青 Liu Qingyun was sitting on a wooden stool next to the sidewalk and looked at the row of
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The Chinese Dream: The Lives of China’s Migrant Workers
By Marcella M. The first time I went to China, I arrived just a few days before the Spring Festival.
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A Long Way From Home
By 王竹青 When I met Yan Xiang, he was pushing a janitorial cart on the second floor of the M
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A series by photographer Hibshy Samsadin “After being unsettled by the prospects of a financial career in the United Kingdom,
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Shanghai: Welcoming Yet Full of Challenges
By Zhuqing Wang Walking through the bustling city of Shanghai, you may notice that there are many people who struggle
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Series #4: More Than Migrants
MIGRANT: a person that travels to a different country or place, often in order to find work. A migrant is
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