20:00 Audio installation based on stories from BABEL Magazine​ & Performance by Jared Mimm

Jared Mimm is an American conceptual artist based in Shanghai. His work examines social systems from everyday life, within the context of living in the urban jungle of a big city. Reoccurring themes in his work deal with the body, nonverbal communication, ritual and intimacy. ​

20:30 Musical performance by Shensi Art Group

Shensi Art Group, led by Jiang Ziping, are a team of visually impaired people who are performing the hulusi or cucurbits, a traditional Chinese wind instrument. Their performance is diverse and full of positive energy. Mr. Jiang, one of the leading members of Shensi Art Group, was a fan of the cucurbit when his visual impairment started. Due to losing his vision, he learned the cucurbits not by reading the notes, but by listening and remembering. He used this method to teach the other members. Because of their hard work and persistence, Shensi Art Group has performed in a large number of community events and shows.​

20:45 Presentation by photographer Eleanor Moseman

Eleanor Moseman is an American photographer that has been based in China for nearly a decade. Working with minorities, women among religious cultures, the working-class, and those enslaved into poverty, Eleanor strives to immerse herself in the culture of the people. Creating imagery and stories to seek resolutions of the inflicted while sharing voices of the unknown, forgotten, and persecuted. Her time is divided between commercial work while pursuing long term, socially conscious and meaningful photo-journalistic projects.​

21:15 Q&A with creators and contributors of B人BEL Magazine

22:00 Handpan performance by Feiyu Sun