The second issue of BABEL Magazine is here! Come and celebrate the launch with us on an evening filled with performances, music, and readings!

Zhang Roushui (Grass Stage Theatre) opens the event with a theatrical performance of the stories of shēng. Then photographers Shi Zihui and Wang Zhenting, who created the cover for shēng, talk about photography beyond defined concepts of beauty. Creators Rose Dekker and Maria Ab share their experience in creating this newest issue and welcome your questions in a Q&A.

The evening continues with a performance of traditional music by John KamchoeGyal  ཀརྨ་ཆོས་རྒྱལ།  from the Tibetan plateau and by Li Haitao from Inner Mongolia, and a performance by Uyghur singer Ekram.

The magazine is available throughout the entire evening, and complimentary snacks and drinks are served. At the end of the evening, everyone has an opportunity to connect with other readers and contributors to the magazine under guidance of DJ Rafa Paella’s beats.


Zhang RuoShui

Freelance writer, creator and theater performer. She is involved in the theatrical productions of Grass Stage since 2017; participated in collective creation and performance of the series Wild Seeds in 2017-2019; invited to play Gele Mountain in Wuzhen Theater Festival 2018 and Game of Zhabei in Ming Contemporary Art Museum, in 2019. She participated in the Island Bar project by Japanese artist Chikara Fujiwara,in Rockbund Art Museum,2019, and took a part in A Fairy Tale About The Wage Slave by artist Wumeng,in Chi K11 Art Museum, in 2019. Zhang Ruoshui had her own personal performance work with Red or F in 2018.

石子卉 & 王震霆 Ahh Studio

In May 2019, Ahh Studio took portraits of five visually impaired friends in Shanghai. Two of those photos were selected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ahh studio is not only taking pictures but also seeking sensation of deep hearts.

ཀརྨ་ཆོས་རྒྱལ། John KamchoeGyal

John KamchoeGyal, from music group SREINA, is a musician born in the Northwest of Gansu Province. He plays nomadic, tribal and soul music, from Sangemao tribe (a small Tibetan tribe in southern Gansu), and Mongolian ancient nomadic culture. In his music, soul is the worship of nature and the pursuit of peace and beauty of life.

涛 Li Haitao

Li Haitao is a Morin Khuur player from Baotou City, Inner Mongolia. In 2006, he entered the Baotou Art School where he studied Morin Khuur with the professor of Brenda Manda. In 2010, he was admitted to the Northwest University for Nationalities to pursue his Morin Khuur studies, where he followed the professor Erdunbuhe. After studying Morin Khuur, he started learning Humai singing. In 2015, Li Haitao studied Humai in Xinjiang Humai Caravan with Haimu Ritai teacher, and studied with Tao Ou Xiuer in Ou Nier.

DJ Rafa Paella

Rafa Paella is always on the lookout for innovative sounds, obscure records, and long-forgotten gems, blending them together to create something unique and memorable, taking the audience on a journey defying genre boundaries, dancing with various kinds of music.


Pictures by Ahh Studio, Guo Bin 郭斌, and Lin Tian(林恬)