• December 02, 2017
  • Mixpace Carlowitz
  • 15:00 - 20:00


Pyramid Impact Collective is a bilingual event focused on showcasing, discussing, and alleviating poverty in Shanghai. Poverty is the absence of choices; the inability to decide your life.

Four subtopics:

  • Education
  • Children of Migrant Workers
  • Gender
  • People with Disabilities


3PM-8PM Art & workshops related to urban poverty
4PM-6PM Speeches & discussions about the four topics  by experts from different fields related to urban poverty. 6PM-7PM Pitches of five pre-selected projects that alleviate urban poverty. The audience can give their feedback to improve the projects.
7PM-7:30PM Voting by the audience for the project they want to see happen
7:30PM-8PM Networking  


Marina Kalnitski

Inclusion Factory / Focusing on the empowerment of individuals with disabilities

Seema Ahluwalia

Manufacturing / Children and youth with visual and other disabilities

Rita Yu

Community manager at WABC / Creating an art experience & sharing platform which has dual impetus of art and public welfare

Qiuling Wu

Founder of Upbeing / Social Innovation project-based learning & eco-community construction

Eñaut Marti

Founder of MusicLAB / Learning should be both challenging and fun


Curriculum designer in STEM field / Creating a platform to promote the diversity of parent-education in China

Thomas Ochs

More Than A Market / Providing football training to children in unprivileged schools

Zoey Liu

Shanghai K Charitable Foundation / Sponsors disadvantaged youth from rural areas with hospitality vocational training and soft skills classes

Priscilla Lee

Advisor to the mayor of Cambridge, Massachusetts / Public health, education, and civil society

Jingheng Liu

PhD degree of psychotherapy in Changhua National Normal University, Taiwan / Focused on topics of minority, women, and dreams

Philip McMaster

Co-creator of Republic of Conscience and co-founder of the World Sustainability Project

Anwar Abliz

SAP Software Developer / Working on VR and autism

R. May Lee

Dean of School of Entrepreneurship and management ant Shanghai Tech University / Cross-disciplinary experience in education, gender, business, and innovation

Ildiko Kissimonova

Committee Director of Fresh Start Rotoract / Conducted cross-cultural communication, public speaking, presentation skills,and held team-building activities, design-thinking workshops, and courses about social innovation

He Yu

Co-founder of musical mindfulness program / Inspire the unique creative spirit within children

Desiree Nieto

Stepping Stones teacher trainer / To improve the education and general welfare of disadvantaged children in China, especially migrant children in Shanghai


Adrian Tyus

Filmmaker & Interdisciplinary artist / Film installation on urban eviction

Bernadette Verhaeghe

Visual artist / Interactive mural about poverty

Lilian Shen

Women's rights activist & improv comedian / Interactive theatre on women discrimination

Oscar Zhang Jiajun

Filmmaker / Short film about life in Shanghai

Valentina Mango | Yan Gu | Patrick A. Dittmer

Filmmakers / Short film on homelessness

Anastasyia Dmytruk

Visual artist / Exhibition on social exclusion

Erin Peisert

Live action performer / Performance on poverty




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