SubmitTING your story

BABEL Magazine showcases the lives of people we don’t get to know about often. We give preference to stories of people who are not often represented (or misrepresented) on mainstream media.

If you want to submit your own story or the story of someone else, please read the below guidelines carefully.


  • All submissions must be about people
  • All submissions must be nonfiction
  • All written works must be submitted in English, Mandarin, or Portuguese
  • All submissions must be original work
  • All submissions must be previously unpublished
  • If you write/photograph/illustrate someone other than yourself, please make sure this person knows they have a chance of being published in a magazine
  • We are open to submissions of any works of art which can be viewed on a screen
  • Submitted work may be selected for online publication or printed publication. If you are not okay with your work being published online, please specify this in your email!

To submit your story, send us an email at